Dirty Linen Night


“If my art makes someone forget their troubles, even for a moment, I feel like I‘ve accomplished my goal. I feel strongly that many of our problems today are a result of us not being in nature anymore. We’re surrounded by concrete, asphalt and plastic, which I believe unknowingly causes us a great deal of stress. It is my hope that my paintings will give the viewer a small sense of that tranquility nature provides us, and remind people how vital trees are to our existence.”

Tanner’s originals have become quite collectible and often sell before they are even finished. If you find a scarceness of originals, be sure to see the “custom paintings” section, or the “notify me of new paintings” button below. There is currently a waiting list for custom paintings, so it’s best to reserve your place in line by calling us as soon as possible if that interests you. Also, keep in mind all of our reproductions are limited edition and are never mass produced.