Dirty Linen Night

Lozano & Barbuti Gallery

Welcome to the website of Lozano & Barbuti Gallery, located at 313 Royal Street in between Bienville and Conti and front to Caliche & Pao Gallery in the heart of the historic French Quarter. The Lozano & Barbuti Gallery is a Caliche's & Pao's Owned Gallery which feature Lozano's, Villa's, Ortiz's, Martinez's, Caliche's & Pao's Fine Art Works, and Joseph's sculpture, we also offer fine art glass works.

His first foray into art was in 1976 when the head of Averno College’s Ar

Department accepted him as a private student (He was not admitted to the college as a regular student, in part because Averno was an all-girls college; a fact that did not dissuade him from applying.) He continued pursuing his interest in fine art while living in Paris, London, and Boston. 

In London, his artistic endeavors broadened to include performing art. He studied jazz dance for a year at London’s Pineapple Dance Studio. After returning to the States, the performing arts and fine arts merged into a series of drawings and painting focusing on dance. He studied sculpture at the University of Wisconsin and later at New Orleans Academy of Fine Art. 

For 20 years his art sporadically produced as he pursued a career in environmental law. Moving to western North Carolina in 2003, the sculpture has reemerged, with . an expanded focus on the athlete and musician