Dirty Linen Night

Gallery Two

One love of the Crescent City and it’s inspirited culture has joined two in a collective gallery on the LowRoad of Royal Street in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. Gallery Two opened October 22, 2016, and exclusively features the work of its artist owners, Ann Marie Cianciolo and Betsy Youngquist. Detailed examination and colorful celebration are enduring commonalities in these two women’s processes and creations within the world of three dimensions. Duality, mischief, transfiguration, enchantment, and amusement are the narrative themes they masterfully toy within capturing the fragments of our shared experience. By juxtaposing small and large, delicate and magnificent, serious and nonsense, vintage and contemporary, rough and refined, and precision versus organic creation, these two artists blur lines between form and function, and real and mythological. We invite you to explore the portal into their surreal worlds.