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Angela King Gallery


Angela King Gallery

Angela is a California native but after 32 years considers New Orleans home. She has a large family there (she's 7th born of 12) so California is always a vacation destination for her. Adventure moved her to New Orleans in 1977. Her love of art and creative spirit guided her into the art world in the late 70's. She moved to NOLA to open a California craft gallery in 1977 that evolved into an art gallery by 1983, shifting to original paintings when she became a partner in '93. She then continued until 2006 when she started her own gallery post-Katrina.

Having longterm friendships and honest relationships with her gallery team and her artists have been the foundation of her success. "Surround yourself with talent, nurture it, show flexibility, stability, intention, truth, and love, and the potential is limitless".


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